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Best Baitcaster Combos 2019 – [Buyer’s Guide]

Looking to step up your casting game from a spinning outfit but confused about what exactly you should buy?

​Why buy a baitcasting combo?

​In a word;


​The best baitcaster combos combine both value and performance in one package.

Often when combos are sold from the reputable big brands you end up getting much more bang for you buck than if you were to purchase a separate rod and reel.

There is a lot of cheaper junk out there ​and often with fishing tackle you really do get what you pay for.

No one wants to loose that fish of a lifetime because the rod tip snaps or your reel jams.

If you stick to the major brands like Abu Garcia, Ugly Stik, Lews and 13 Fishing you can generally rely on the quality of the materials and build.

Top Pick

​Ugly Stik Elite Combo

The best baitcaster combo for the money

A perfect combo for both beginners and experienced alike. Legendary "Elite" range of casting rods ​paired with a quality reel for smooth casting performance.

​Who Should Buy a Combo?

​Anyone who is thinking of switching over from a spinning setup and are looking to try their hands at using a baitcasting rod and reel should definitely think about opting for a combo.

Personally I keep one in my truck for the occasional sneaky hour after work.

I would not keep a high end casting rod and reel in my truck as they are likely to get either damaged or stolen, but a decent baitcaster combo under $100 no problem!

​Baitcasting Rod and Reel Combos

If you are new to casting rod and reel setup then there are a few subtle differences to be aware of

  • Reel - line runs off the spool as it turns, requires thumb to control cast, not suitable for ultralight gear
  • Rod - line guides sit flusher to the rod blank, reel seat may have what is called a trigger grip above it

A baitcasting reel is a major departure from a spinning or open face reel.

The spool runs horizontally across the rod and and once the brake is disengaged the spool will run freely. 

This free-spooling can give you immense casting performance and control however it can result in what is called a birdsnest tangle.

When your lure slows down at the end of a cast often the spool continues to turn at a higher rate than the line is coming off it. This results in the spool running over the line on itself and resulting in a big tangled mess.

You need to adjust to this type of casting technique and there is a significant learning curve.

However, once mastered it is noticeably superior to using a spinning reel on all but the lightest of tackle.

A biatcasting rod only really differs from a regular spinning rod in that the line guides and reel seats are slightly different.

The line guides on a spinning reel need to take into account the circular motion of the line as it comes off the spool. To accommodate this the line guides closer to the reel are much larger in diameter.

On a casting rod there is no such issue. So, the guides are generally smaller and closer in to the rod blank.

The reel seat may have a trigger trip that allows you to grip the rod with your thumb in an optimal and more natural position for casting a baitcaster.

​Below we have reviewed the 7 Best Baitcaster Combos for the money.

​Best Baitcaster Combos 2019

​The Shakespeare Ugly Stik Elite Baitcast Rod and Reel Combo has proven to be a popular option for many people.

If you're looking for a solid rod and reel combo, then this is likely going to be of interest to you.

Take a look at some more information about the rod below. It'll help you to figure out if this one is going to suit your needs. 

​Lightweight and Easy to Use

Overall, this rod is very lightweight and easy to use. It's going to be a rod that will be simple enough for beginners to use while still offering good enough functionality to appeal to veteran fishermen.

You should be able to use this to reel in plenty of fish, and it's going to hold up when you're trying to reel in the big one. Having this combination of power and ease of use is certainly going to appeal to many.

It has been made using lightweight graphite, and it has a composite frame with double paddle aluminum. This reel also sports a machined aluminum ported spool. You'll even be able to make use of the adjustable magnetic cast control. Overall, the durability and versatility of this rod are to be commended.

Great Price

Another thing that helps this rod and reel combo to stand out from the competition is the price. It's very reasonably priced and is going to be perfect for a first fishing rod for someone who is getting into the hobby.

This is a premium rod that performs well while still being priced very low. It's a bargain, and you won't find many rod and reel combos out there that are a better deal.

In Conclusion

This is definitely a rod and reel combo that is worth your time. It's reasonably priced, and it'll even work great for saltwater fishing. Consider picking this up if you need a good rod or if you're buying it as a present for someone who is just starting out. It'll be simple to use, and it'll always be a reliable fishing rod.


​This baitcasting rod and reel combo from Abu Garcia offers fishermen a very versatile experience.

There are many features that help this rod to stand out among other rods that are similarly priced.

Look at the details below so that you can see if this rod is worth your time or not. It'll help you to find the perfect rod for your situation. 

​Durability and Power

One great aspect of this rod is that it is quite durable. It has been made to last, and you won't feel like this rod is in danger of breaking due to overuse. This also helps when it comes to power. You're going to be able to use this rod to reel in big catches, making it a very useful fishing rod to own.

Superior Feel and Responsiveness

The feel and responsiveness of this rod need to be commended as well. This 24-ton graphite rod gives users a lightweight option that is never going to feel cumbersome. It also allows you to really feel what you're doing and is responsive to your subtle movements. You can get great results if you choose to make use of this rod.

Great Reel Design

The reel design on this rod is actually something special. It is incredibly lightweight and sleek. It has a one-piece graphite frame as well as graphite side plates. Making use of the reel feels very natural, and you should have a good time reeling in your catches.

In Conclusion

It's hard not to recommend this rod as a good option to consider. This is going to be a good choice for any fisherman who wants an affordable rod that performs up to a high standard. It's lightweight, it has great feel, and the reel design is fantastic. Don't hesitate to pick this rod and reel combo up if you've been looking for something new.


​If you've been looking for a lightweight rod and reel combo, then you're likely going to be intrigued by this rod from Lew's.

It offers fishermen a very good experience and excels in several areas.

Look at the information below to see what it has to offer. You'll be able to determine if this rod is going to be able to live up to your high expectations. 

​Very Low-Profile Design

The design of this rod can definitely be considered low-profile. It has been made to be as light as it can be, and it also has a smaller reel design than usual. It also has both a graphite frame and side plates.

The u-shaped spool really is quite fast, and it was crafted using anodized aluminum.

Double-Shielded 10-Bearing Drive System

It's also important to make note of the double-shielded 10-bearing drive system that this rod and reel combo uses. It features a zero-reverse anti-reverse clutch bearing that is made out of stainless steel.

External adjustments are possible due to the magnetic control system that is being used here. You'll be able to make use of up to ten pounds of drag power.

Great Performance

The performance of this rod is actually really great. You're going to be able to feel what you're doing, and the rod works to help make things easy on you.

The double-anodized aluminum spool works superbly, and you'll be able to quickly release when necessary. This is going to be a good rod and reel combo for anyone who wants a rod that will perform to a high standard.

In Conclusion

Making use of this rod is going to be simple, and you'll definitely feel like you got your money's worth. It's a pretty good overall value, and it has many premium features that make it worth owning.

The speed spool is one of the standout features of this rod and reel combo, but the entire rod is good. Give this one your consideration if you like what it has to offer.


​Abu Garcia is a pretty well-known source for fishing rod and reel combos.

This option here is one that has many people curious. Is it worthwhile, or is it just another rod that people can go ahead and ignore?

Taking the time to look over what it has to offer below can help you come to a conclusion. 

​Made to Be Low-Profile

You'll note that this rod has a very low-profile design. It has been made to be sleek and feels a bit easier to use than normal because of it. This is also going to be a fairly lightweight rod that is easy to use. This makes it a good choice for a first fishing rod for someone who is just learning the ropes.

High-Quality Materials

You should know that this rod has been made using high-quality materials. The graphite used to make this rod allows you to enjoy a lightweight fishing experience. It's also durable enough to help you catch fish without having to worry if the rod can handle it. This rod and reel combo uses 30-ton graphite blank and stainless steel guides to ensure that casting is always as simple as can be.

Good Reel Sensitivity

The reel sensitivity on this rod is also very good. It has an extreme-exposure reel that really boosts the overall sensitivity. It makes it easier to reel in a big catch or to make subtle changes when necessary. You'll really be able to feel what you're doing when you own this rod.

In Conclusion

This is a solid rod and reel combo that will offer you a lot for the money. It has good reel sensitivity, it's made from high-quality materials, and it's low-profile. If this appeals to you, then it's an option that is worth thinking about. It isn't the best rod and reel combo on the market, but it stands up to the competition as a solid offering.


​Those who are looking for a good baitcast rod and reel combo might want to consider this one here.

This rod actually has a lot to offer, and many people have been really happy with it.

Take your time to go over a little bit about this rod so that you can see what all the fuss is about. It just might be a great rod and reel combo to add to your collection. 

​Smooth Casting

The smooth casting of this baitcast rod and reel combo is one of its standout features. You're going to be able to cast out very easily, and you never feel any resistance.

It's very simple to put your line right where you need it to be. If you want casting to be as easy as it can be, then you should definitely consider picking this one up.

Feels Natural in Your Hands

You should be able to feel really natural when you make use of this rod. It feels like it fits in your hand comfortably, and you'll be able to use it for long periods of time if you have a fishing weekend planned. Anyone who cares about comfort will find this rod to be a good fit. It has been designed to be very ergonomic, and it shows.

Great for First-Time Baitcast Users

If you are new to using baitcast reels, then this is going to be a good rod to start with. It feels really easy to get the hang of using this rod.

If you're coming to this rod from using a spinning reel, then you'll note that you don't have to use as much muscle or effort to get the best results. It feels good after you spend a bit of time with it, and it's a great entry-level rod for baitcast newbies.

In Conclusion

Now that you've seen what this rod has to offer you, it's easy to tell that it's worthwhile. This is definitely a good rod that is going to be able to provide you with a premium experience.

If you want a rod with a great baitcast reel, then you'll be thrilled with how this one performs. It feels great in your hands, and you're going to be able to put it to great use.


​When taking a look at the rods offered by Abu Garcia, you'll note that there are some very good ones and others that are just kind of average.

Knowing this, you might be curious where the Pro Max rod and reel combo falls on this scale.

It's time to take a look at what this rod can do to determine how worthwhile it is. You'll be able to read all about it to see if this one is worth buying or not. 

​Super Lightweight

You're going to love how lightweight this rod feels. It is going to be easy to hold and maneuver, allowing you to have a better experience. This rod will work well in both saltwater and freshwater, too. You should enjoy using this in many different situations.

Casting Is Very Simple

Luckily, casting is very simple with this rod. You're going to be able to cast out with ease. Configuring this reel to your liking and getting things calibrated will be easy. This allows you to get the best possible casting even if you aren't that experienced. This is one of the best rods for casting for an inexperienced fisherman.

Good Action and Average Power

This rod has good action, and you're going to be able to feel the fish biting your hook. 

Being able to react to subtle changes is definitely possible when you're using this rod. The power that this rod offers is pretty average, as it comes in at a medium weight. You should be able to haul in a bigger fish without many issues, though.

In Conclusion

You'll find that this rod is going to provide you with a solid overall experience. It isn't going to blow you away with any one feature, but it performs well in several areas. If you want something that you can rely on while you're out fishing, then this is a sensible rod to purchase. You're going to be able to enjoy a solid experience the entire time


​Today you're going to be able to take a look at the 13 Fishing Origin Fate Black Casting Rod and Reel Combo.

Many people have been curious about this rod and everything that it has to offer.

You'll be able to see what the best features of this rod are so that you can determine if it's right for you. Take the time to read all about it below. 

​Great Power

One of the biggest reasons to consider buying this rod is that it has great power. If you want a durable rod that is going to allow you to haul in the big catches, then this one is a great option. It has the right weight and size to give you the power that you need. When compared to other rods at similar prices, this one definitely stands out for having solid power.

Comfortable to Grip

You're also going to fall in love with how comfortable this rod is to hold in your hands. It has a very comfortable grip that is going to make it simpler to use. You'll feel just fine when you're fishing for long periods of time. Even battling with a fish will feel better on your hands due to the comfortable grip design.

Baitcasting Made Easy

Baitcasting is made easy with this rod and reel combo. You're going to be able to make use of the smooth design of this baitcasting rod to put your line where it needs to go. This is going to be a good option for people who want to get better at casting. It's very accurate, and you'll definitely be pleased.

In Conclusion

This is certainly a very good rod and reel combo to consider purchasing. It offers great power, a comfortable grip, and great baitcasting. You shouldn't hold back on purchasing this one if you feel that it fits what you want out of a fishing rod. It's definitely worth the price, and you'll be happy with what you're getting.


​Baitcaster Combo Buying Guide

​When purchasing your baitcaster combo don't go buying the most expensive one. 

It's much better to purchase a cheaper combo an once you become a more experienced caster you can then upgrade to something better.

Chances are you won;t need to change for a few years so learn with a basic model and then from there figure out what your style of fishing might require.

Shore Fishing Vs Boat Fishing

​For lots of people, fishing from the shore is something that brings them a lot of joy in their leisure time.

To be sure, there are those fishers who have been fishing from the shore for years but have always dreamed about buying a boat and getting out onto the wide open sea.

It seems as if people who fish from boats always bring home the biggest fish; is it something about being out there on a boat that makes the catches bigger and more exciting?

Shore Fishing vs Boat Fishing

The real answer is more complex than the size of the catches would suggest. In fact, there are a number of reasons why one might prefer one or the other but it’s not a “one size fits all” equation.

Why Should You Fish From the Shore?

The truth is that most young anglers don’t have the kind of financial resources to buy a boat of any size, let alone one that would allow them to go out to the best fishing spots at sea and all of the expensive gear like a good trolling reel.

Because of this, many young anglers find themselves fantasizing about buying a boat because it seems as though this would improve the rate and size of their catches.

If you’re in this situation, you might be surprised by some of the distinct benefits of shore fishing, including:

  • Stealth: One thing that can really spook fish is noise and movement but if you’re stealthy enough when you’re fishing from the shore, you will hardly make a noise at all. This means that you’re also less likely to scare the fish away and more likely to catch something. Boats might be great for a lot of things but they are big, cast a shadow in the water, move around, and can make lots of noise. All of this can definitely spook the fish away. This is especially going to be the case in shallow waters where any noise from the boat is going to be heard a long way through the water and cause the fish to move away.
  • Time Is Yours: You might not consider it but having a boat means that you’re also doing lots of extra things and all of this takes time. You have to maintain the boat in good condition, make sure that it’s fueled up ready to go out, and do all of the other stuff that is the domain of boat ownership. If this isn’t really your thing, you might just prefer shore fishing instead. Time is on your side when you’re fishing from the shore. You can just get what you need, go out to the shore, and fish as time allows. There's no hassle and no worrying about all of the time-consuming stuff that is a big part of boat ownership. In many ways, this quiet approach suits the angling lifestyle.
  • Easier to Land Fish: When you’re fishing from a boat, you need a net a lot of the time to pull the catch up and into the boat. Not only does this take more work but sometimes the net gets forgotten altogether. By contrast, if you’re fishing from the shore, you can more easily land the fish. All you have to do is reel it in. There’s no nets and no hassle this way.

Why Should You Fish From a Boat?

It might seem as though shore fishing really has the big advantage over fishing from a boat but it’s not quite that simple. There are definitely some good things about boat fishing that you need to think about if angling is your game, including:

  • Range and Coverage: When you’re shore fishing, you tend to stay in the same spot for hours unless you pick up everything and walk to a new spot. When you’re boat fishing, you have miles and miles at your disposal! If you’re not catching much in one spot from a boat, you can just motor off to a new area and re-cast. It’s easy and less tiring doing it this way. The range that a boat can cover in a single day of fishing makes it a really attractive proposition for many anglers.
  • Fish Diversity: Most shore anglers tend to come home with the same types of fish because they can’t move around easily. Distance is no obstacle to boat anglers so if you think that the fish are spooked in one area, you can just go to another area. This also means that boat anglers tend to come home with a greater diversity of fish species in their buckets. Furthermore, lots of boat anglers invest in electronic fish finders which give them lots of information that shore fishers simply don’t have access to.

What Should You Choose?

In reality, shore fishing and boat fishing are different enough that they can appeal equally to different kinds of anglers.

Fishing boats give a lot of access to fish and can cover a large range but it’s going to be a big financial investment too. Do you want to dock it, pay for service and maintenance, and register it every year? Or is it going to sit in the dry dock for much of the year while you are busy doing other things?

Shore fishing certainly offers the sort of ease and convenience that lots of anglers enjoy but it’s never going to appeal to those who enjoy covering a large fishing area and maximizing their catches.

If you’re shore fishing and still fantasize about boat fishing, one way to scratch the itch is to invest in a much smaller boat. This will ensure that you can cover more area but will not be as much of a financial burden.

Ultimately, fishing is really about what you enjoy and get the most out of. Some people see the distinct advantages to both types of angling and enjoy both differently, of course. In this sense, it’s really a highly personal decision and there is no “one size fits all” kind of solution that’s right for everyone.

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How to Reel in a Big Fish

​One of the most exciting things about fishing is landing a really big one!

Landing a big catch is what lots of anglers dream about, but there’s not a whole lot of specific information about the details of landing one.

This leaves lots of inexperienced anglers out in the cold when it comes to the basics of landing a big catch. The last thing you want after getting a bite on the hook is to see it swim off because you don’t know what to do.

How to Reel in a Big Fish

How Can You Land a Big Fish?
The thought of landing a big one really keeps many inexperienced anglers going out on cold mornings, but actually landing one is about more than just pure luck.

It takes skill and experience to fight the fish successfully and land it properly. Here are some things that you definitely need to know to land your huge catch:

1. Keep Your Rod Held Properly

One thing that many inexperienced anglers forget to do is keep their rod in a good position. When this isn’t done, the fish is more likely to get away and you’re not going to be ready when a fish does eventually bite the hook.

Landing a fish is all about leverage and maximizing your position against the strength of the fish. Ideally, you should be holding the rod with both hands and keep it in the center of your body mass.

Lots of inexperienced anglers extend their arms or hold the rod off to the side.
As comfortable as this might be sometimes, it’s not a good position when a fish strikes. You’ll lack good leverage in this position and the fish is more likely to get away.

You may even snap the line or lose your rod altogether if the fish strikes hard enough and you’re not positioned well.

2. Be Thoughtful

One thing that many anglers miss is to check their surroundings. If, for example, you’re fishing in a river you should check for any overhanging branches that might impede your movement. You definitely won’t have time to do this when you’re in the middle of fighting the fish and trying to land it!

The other thing you need to think about, even before you cast out your line, is your hook set and your technique. Are you trying to catch bottom feeders? If so, you’ll likely need a sweep set.

3. Remain Calm

There’s a huge thrill when a fish has bitten the line and you find yourself in the middle of a fight. Despite the excitement, the rule of thumb is to remain as calm as possible. Yes, there’s going to be a pull on the line. Yes, there’s going to be some struggle as you try and work with your reel and rod to tire out the fish and land it.

The thing you really need to remember is that the drag you’ve set on the line is intended to do a big part of the work when exhausting the fish. You need to be calm so that you can work with the equipment and maintain a proper position.

If you keep calm and let the line and the drag setting do what it’s supposed to do, you’re more likely to tire out the fish and land it successfully.

It’s definitely one area where inexperienced anglers have a disadvantage, but the only way to get to the level of calm that you need is through experience.

4. You Should Always Adjust

If there’s one thing you really need to learn in fishing, it’s that you must always be willing to adjust to the fish during the fight. Depending on where you are, the fish itself, and your level of experience, you’ll have to make small adjustments to how you tire out the fish.

5. Use a Landing Net If You Have to

Some anglers think that it’s uncool to use a landing net when out on the boat. Sure, there’s definitely a level of excitement to watch an experience angler flip out a massive Bass and into the bottom of the boat, but it’s also not an easy thing to do.

If you use a landing net, you’re actually more likely to catch more fish. Landing those big fish such as the competitive anglers do, might look cool, but unless you have a lot of experience it can actually damage your fishing gear, your boat, and your hands. A big fish that’s moving around wildly in the boat on the line can even cause hooks to go flying and cause injury.

Don’t Do These Things If You Want to Reel in a Big Fish

There are plenty of things that help you to land a big fish, but what about things that you shouldn’t do? Consider the following:

1. Don’t Overreact When You Get a Bite

Inevitably, if you fish for long enough, you'll get a bite. This can be a bit strange at first when you feel tugs on your line, but the thing not to do is to jerk at it. If you feel a fish on the end of the line, don’t simply jerk it up and try and land it all in one movement. Fishing is about patience as much as it is about skill and experience.

One thing that you’ll quickly learn is to develop a feel for the tip of the rod. You'll soon learn when a fish is having a bite at the bait and you’ll be able to remain calm.

2. Apply Steady Pressure

One thing that many inexperienced anglers do is tug too hard on the line when they feel a bite on the hook. The problem is that a sudden jerk of the line will set up a loose line after the initial jerk. This is not what you want when you’re fighting a fish, as it’s more likely to get free and swim away.

The answer is to maintain a steady pressure when you’re fighting the fish. This applies maximum drag through the line and makes the fish tire out more easily.

Make Your Fishing Trips a Great Success

Fishing can be both relaxing and exciting. As you develop more skills and have more experience, you’ll learn the intricacies of fighting the fish and landing a big one.