Pflueger President Spinning Reel Review

Pflueger President Spinning Reel Review

Fishing is one of the few hobbies that can vary so drastically. There are so many different kinds of fishing that one discipline won’t even resemble the next outwardly. The differences between fly fishing and big game fishing make them almost entirely different activities, related only by the fact that both fishers will (hopefully) end up with a fish at the end.

The only thing that rivals the number of differences between different fishing disciplines is the amount of equipment that you will need to fish effectively. The more complex the discipline of fishing, the more equipment that you will need to ensure that the activity goes smoothly.

It is highly important to make sure that you invest in high-quality fishing equipment, or you may end up losing a sure catch. There are few things more frustrating in the world of fishing than knowing you could have caught a fish if it wasn't for the poor quality of your equipment.

They say a good fisherman never blames his equipment, but there reaches a point where your gear can and certainly will let you down.

Pflueger President Spinning Reel Review

One of the most crucial parts of your tackle is your fishing reel. While the term "fishing rod" would hint that the rod is the most important part, this would be untrue. The real engineering in a fishing rod goes into the reel. A rod is just a long piece of fiberglass, but a reel is a mechanical marvel in its own right.

We are going to be reviewing one of the best fishing reels around in this article. Before we get to our actual review, however, we will be looking at some of the most important features to look for in your new fishing reel.

This next section will be especially useful for newer fishers who are not used to buying reels. Feel free to skip this upcoming section if you already know what to look for in your reel.


One of the most important aspects to look for in a fishing reel is a good deal of reliability. A fishing reel which is mechanically unreliable will typically not be worth the money you spend on it. You will want your reel to be able to withstand a good deal of punishment before it ends up failing on you.

It helps to think of your reel as a long-term investment. You can either choose to invest in a cheap reel which will last you a short amount of time, or you can get a more expensive model which will be built to last. While a more expensive model will have a higher upfront cost, it may end up saving you money.

Saltwater vs. Freshwater

You will also have to decide on whether you wish to invest in a reel which can be used in saltwater environments or one which is designed only for use in freshwater.

Saltwater fishing reels tend to be more expensive than freshwater reels since they need to be able to put up with the corrosive conditions that exist in saltwater fishing. Using a freshwater reel in saltwater conditions will quickly result in the rod breaking down on you.

The Product


  • Features a corrosion-resistant ten bearing system
  • Reel is made out of graphite for light weight
  • Features a spool which is braid-ready
  • Drag washers are sealed and already lubricated
  • Handle is made of aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Rubber knob allows for excellent grip characteristics
  • Features a rigid aluminum bail wire
  • Features a slow oscillation gear system
Pflueger President Spinning Reel Review


This fishing reel is manufactured by Pflueger, one of the most recognizable brand names in the fishing industry. With their standards for quality, our expectations for this product were quite high.


This fishing reel thankfully met or exceeded every one of our expectations. The first thing you will notice when you take this reel out of the box is how light it is. It features holes drilled into the body to diminish the already light weight even further. The graphite body makes for a reel which is exceedingly light yet also durable.

The choice to make the handle out of aircraft aluminum ensures that it will be robust enough to put up with the forces which it will be subjected to, but won't compromise the lightweight design. The gearing system provides sufficient mechanical advantage to make reeling comfortable and easy.

Speaking of the reeling mechanism, this reel functions as smoothly as any other model we have seen in its class. The ergonomic rubber knob ensures that your hand won't get sore, even after a long, hard day of fishing. This is a great all-around option for any fisher who is looking for an affordable and capable reel.

What Others Say

Other customers had quite a bit to say about this product in their reviews, and most of it was positive. Most customers praised the lightweight design of this reel, which makes it far less tiring to use on long fishing trips. They were also impressed by how the weight saving measures did not compromise the strength of the reel.

Pflueger President Spinning

Most complaints were directed at the reel's susceptibility to corrosion. Customers stated that this reel functions perfectly when used in saltwater, except that it is not designed to handle saltwater corrosion. This, unfortunately, limits the versatility of this reel.

Buying Advice

This is one of the more affordable fishing reels that you will find at this quality level. It makes for a rather effective choice for a fisher who is on a budget. You can purchase this product for around 50 dollars, which is a very reasonable price for almost any reel which is this effective.


We hope that our review has helped you decide whether or not this fishing reel is the right choice for your needs. If you are a freshwater fisher who doesn’t intend to use this reel in saltwater conditions, you will find few better options. We wish you good luck in your upcoming fishing trips.

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