Learning About Kayak Fishing

Learning About Kayak Fishing

If you have some experience as an angler and you’re looking to take your fishing game to the next level, then kayak fishing is the next step.

Fishing kayaks are set up a little bit different from traditional sport kayaks and provide a really unique fishing experience. They're often referred to as angler kayaks and may feature built-in coolers, live bait wells, trolling motors, and slots to store your rods and nets.

Benefits Of Fishing Kayaks

You can push your kayak into the water almost anywhere and paddle to your favorite spot. It’s also a great workout. Compared to traditional fishing where you just stand around, cast, and drink beer, kayak fishing gives you a full body workout along the way.

Man fishing in a green kayak.

It offers a lot of the benefits of boat fishing without the hassle of having to maintain an ever-problematic outboard motor, or having to spend thousands of dollars on a new boat, trailer, insurance, and a boating license.

Due to their small size, kayaks can maneuver up small creeks and get to places that other boats can’t and that you would never be able to reach from the shore. This means that you’re going to have access to all of the good fishing spots that nobody else can reach.

Types Of Fishing Kayaks

There are four main categories of fishing kayaks:

  • Sit-On-Top Kayaks
  • Sit-Inside Kayaks
  • Motorized Kayaks
  • Pedal-Drive Kayaks


Unlike traditional kayaks, these give the angler an enhanced casting experience. The higher elevation of the seat means that you can easily turn around and cast in different directions. It also lets you stretch out your legs and feels a lot more like sitting in a lawn chair than kayaking.

These kayaks also tend to be more stable and are a lot more difficult to flip, which is great if you’re not an experienced kayaker. The one disadvantage is that they are a little more difficult to paddle since you’re not positioned as close to the water’s surface.


These are similar to your traditional recreational kayaks. You sit inside them and paddle with your oar. The one difference with an angler sit-inside kayak is that they will often have extra cooler space or a slot for a fishing rod.

Motorized Kayaks

While these are the most expensive kayaks, they don’t require you to do as much paddling. These can be especially useful if you’re going to be fishing in an area that has a strong current which would otherwise drag you downstream.

They are very similar to a traditional kayak, but they have a small fold-down fishing motor which is usually hooked up to a battery and can run for several hours at a time.

Pedal-Drive Kayaks

Pedal-drive kayaks are fun because they give you the option of pedaling with your feet whenever your arms get tired.

Man in a pedal drive kayak.

These underwater pedals also don’t disturb the surface of the water which means that you’ll be more quiet and less likely to disturb the fish.

Final Thoughts

Kayak fishing is a really fun way to spend your days. You get to explore your local waterways in a kayak, maneuver into fishing spots that you would never be able to get to otherwise, and get a great workout in the process. All without the costly expenses of owning a boat.

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