Humminbird Helix 5 Chirp GPS G2 Fish Finder Review

Humminbird Helix 5 Chirp GPS G2 Fish Finder Review

Humminbird 410210-1 Helix 5 Chirp GPS G2 Fish Finder



Display, Chirp sonar, Precision GPS, Micro SD card slot


Work in shallow waters


Humminbird Helix 5 Chirp GPS G2 Fish Finder is a perfect representation of the top-tier technology

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Fishing requires multiple mechanics in order to be successful. It requires concentration, precision, and extensive knowledge of the fish and the equipment needed to obtain them. Having a good Fish Finder is key if you want to obtain more fish in a shorter amount of time.

That’s where the Humminbird Helix 5 steps in. This fish finder is known for its versatility, reliability, and accuracy when tracking fish. And in this review, we’ll help you decide if its the right fish finder tool for you.

So let’s start!

About The Product


  • Power draw: 615 mA
  • Power Output RMS: 500 Watts
  • Maximum Depth: 2500 ft
  • Dimension 1.1 x 7.5 x 4.3 inches
  • Display Size: 5 inches

The Helix 5 comes with five different fish finder modes. Each of them come with additional features to help accommodate for a wide range of boaters and anglers. All of the models come with a 5-in 800 x 400 display, in-dash, or gimbal mounts.

Additionally, it has GPS technology that has a microSD slot used for saving screenshots, cartography, 50 tracks, 45 routes, and 25,000 waypoints. With these features, you’ll have enough space to keep all of your fishing data stored in one safe location.


Users like the Helix 5's XNT 9 20 T transducer. It has a transom mount, plastic housing, and over 20 feet of cable. But, the transducer doesn't include a speed sensor, and it doesn't tell you the boat's speed.

It uses conical beams to work for lower sonar frequencies. The 200 kHz beam has a coverage of 20°. For the 83 kHz beam, it has a coverage angle of 60°. It has a maximum depth of 1,500 ft once it's on the 83 kHz beam.


The Helix 5 has a 20 feet cable and an XNT 9 SI 180 T transducer. This functions with fish finders with SI, sonar, or DI capabilities. And there is a water temperature probe that tells fishers the temperatures in the upper water layer.

While the usual 2D functions have dual frequencies at 83/200 kHz, CHIRP extends its range to 75-95 kHz and 75-95 kHz. While the side imaging and the side-imaging scans at a 455 kHz frequency, CHIRP actually increases the range to around 420-520 kHz.

High frequency spans around 130-210 kHz and can cover the depth of 3,300 feet. In this level, we can see the game fish and baitfish come into view.

Medium frequency is around 85-135 kHz and is around depths around 6,500 feet. This frequency range, tuna, sword fish, and additional large game fish can be found.

The low-frequency range spans around 28-65 kHz and can cover depths up to 10,000 feet. This depth allows for researchers and anglers scan towards the bottom of the ocean floor.

Sonar Features

Helix 5 Chirp GPS G2 Fish Finder

This unit has a few sonar features. The most commonly used is the SwitchFire function. Basically, SwitchFire is a sonar information filter. And it has two modes Clear Mode and Max Mode.

The clear mode allows you to eliminate most of the clutter, which helps it focus on larger targets. Max Mode brings all of the sonar information on one screen, so you don't miss any targets.

Circular Flasher and Vertical Flasher are two features that are also available. The Circular Flasher places the sonar information in a ring view with its depth shown through the middle. And the outer ring shows the signal strength from the left to right. As a rule of thumb, this sonar form is best used for ice fishing, or in stationary mode.


The Humminbird Helix 5 comes with a FISH ID function. Once it's in 2D function, the technology replaces the usual fish arches with fish symbols that are placed above each fish. The symbol's color also tells the angler if the beam has detected the fish.

Fish that are shown on the 83 kHz beam have green symbols. And the fish found on a 200 kHz beam has orange symbols. This gives anglers the option of buying a fish alarm that has settings for large, medium, or small fish.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, we believe that the Humminbird Helix 5 is perfect for all levels of fishing. With its enhanced CHIRP sensor, FISH ID, and other functions, you’ll find it easier to leave with a net filled with fish after each excursion!

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