4 Tips To Prepare Your Fishing Gear For Spring

4 Tips To Prepare Your Fishing Gear For Spring

Ensuring that your tackle is in the right condition before you go fishing can save you a lot of trouble, and you should do it every time before heading out on a trip.

Of course, going over your gear after a long winter season can result in some nasty surprises in the domain of rod and reel maintenance. From sharpening fishing hooks to maintaining your reels, join us for everything you should know.

How To Clean A Fishing Reel

Of course, the first thing that you will want to do is take a look at your reel, as that will be one of the more delicate parts of your tackle. To clean off a fishing reel, all you have to do is mix some warm water with mild detergent and then thoroughly go over every surface of the fishing reel a few times.

Oiling the handle on a fishing reel.

Other than fishing reel cleaning, you should also take a look at your fishing line to make sure that it hasn’t been compromised over the course of the winter. You will also have to lubricate your reel after it is clean, but the exact process will depend on the kind of reel you have and the lubricant, as spinning reel maintenance will differ from other types.

Check Your Fishing Rod

Before heading out on the water this spring, you should also go over your fishing rod to ensure that nothing has happened to it. A cracked fishing rod can do more than ruin your fishing trip, as it can present a danger to an angler if it snaps at a point when it is under extreme stress and whips back at you.

Take a look at your fishing rod and go over any scratches, dents, nicks, or any other bits of damage that you can notice. Cracks are of particular concern, though other damage can also cause problems. Once you are done, clean off your fishing rod in the same way you did your reels.

Restock On Supplies

The spring season also gives you the perfect opportunity to refill your stores with any supplies that you will need for the coming fishing season. Bait, lures, lines, and anything else that is expendable will need to be purchased and stored appropriately so that you don't have to head out at the last minute before a trip.

Make Sure Your Tackle Is Organized

While preparing for the spring, you will also have an opportunity to open up your tackle box and take a look at how everything is arranged. If you find your tackle box in complete disarray, you will have time to go through it and rearrange everything so that it is much easier to find.

Organized fishing tackle.


We hope that these four tips have helped you get your tackle ready for the spring fishing season. Keep in mind that there may still be more to be done, especially if you have some specialized gear that is optimized for a particular kind of fishing, though these tips should be applicable for all.

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