Finding The Best Big Game Fishing Reel

Finding The Best Big Game Fishing Reel

Your fishing reel is the part of your fishing rod which takes the most time and effort to engineer. Most fishing reels are mechanical marvels which are painstakingly designed to do their best to provide you with the mechanical advantage that you need to reel your catches in once they bite.

Keep in mind that not all fishing reels are built equally. There are some models which are better than others, and there are also many different types of reels. We will be focusing on a single form of fishing reel during this article. We are going to be discussing the big game fishing reel, one of the most impressive types around.

What Is The Definition Of Big Game Fishing?

Big game fishing can also be referred to as offshore sport fishing. It differs from other types of offshore fishing in that it is not a form of commercial fishing. As you can tell by the name, big game fishing is a kind of game fishing which is meant to take place in blue water environments.

Traditionally, big game fishing took place in areas where larger fish species congregated close to the shoreline. With the advent of more advanced sport fishing boats which can sail into deeper waters, the boundaries of big game fishing areas have expanded.

Tuna Fishing Big Game

Some fishermen can travel up to hundreds of miles offshore to find the big game fish they are looking for. The main reason for big game fishing is that it tends to provide a bit more of a challenge than other forms of fishing due to the larger targeted fish species.

Of course, when traveling further away from the shore on any smaller boat, there will always be a more significant element of risk. This is why big game fishing is considered to be an activity which is meant for more experienced fishers.

Big Game Species

We will also be taking a look at the species of fish that are usually targeted by big game fishermen. These are some of the larger types of fish that you will find in the ocean, and some of them can grow up to a ton regarding weight. It is for this reason that it is crucial to invest in a big game fishing reel which is capable of handling increased stresses.

One of the most popular big game species is the tuna, which is one of the fish that we mentioned as being capable of growing out to 1000 pounds. This makes for an impressive catch for any fisherman. Keep in mind that not all varieties of tuna are considered prime big game fish, merely the larger kinds.

Billfish fishign big game

Other big game species include most varieties of billfish, including marlins and swordfish. These can grow to almost two tons in weight, making them quite the challenge for big game fishers.

Big game fishers can also choose to fish for sharks, such as makos, tiger sharks, and even the feared great white. One thing that all of these species have in common is that they take quite a good deal of patience and excellent technique to be able to catch, not to mention a high-quality big game fishing reel.

What Type Of Fishing Reel Do Big Game Fishermen Use?

Big game fishing reels tend to be the most expensive fishing reels you will find available outside of commercial applications. They can easily cost up to several thousand dollars, depending on the level of quality you expect from them. When you consider the forces they are subjected to while fishing, the price of big game reels starts to make a little more sense.

There are different classes of big game fishing reels, some of which are qualified to handle fish up 1000 pounds. Others can handle fish of 2000 pounds or more. Most often, big game fishers will not end up catching the largest possible examples of big game fish species since they are somewhat rare.

1600 pound fish huge

Since it is hard to find the largest species, it is often not worth investing in a big game fishing reel which is capable of reeling in these largest examples. Most often, fishers will invest in a big game fishing reel which is designed to catch reasonably large fish, but not the largest possible.

Another factor which contributes to the difficulty of equipping a boat with high weight class fishing reels is that you will need to invest in multiple examples of these big game fishing reels. Most big game fishing techniques make use of several reels and rods working together to provide the best chances of catching the fish.

Unless money is no object, it is simply not worth outfitting a boat with several big game fishing reels which are each worth several thousand dollars. While it certainly would be impressive to a catch a two-ton billfish, it is simply not likely enough to occur to be worth the investment.

Another issue with trying to catch the largest fish possible is that they may be reeled in, but you will need at least a team of men to be able to get the fish on the boat. Even five people will have difficulty bringing a 1500-pound fish aboard the vessel, so it helps to be reasonable in your expectations.

Team of Men Hauling a Huge Fish

Accounting for all of this, even moderate-capacity big game fishing reels are highly impressive examples of engineering. These reels are simply massive versions of the reels that most game fishers use. It is certainly amazing to see how much thought and effort goes into their production.


We hope that we have been able to provide enough information for you about big game fishing reels and their applications. If you are looking to invest in big game fishing, the reels will be one of your primary expenses after you have sorted out which boat you would like to use.

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