Everything You Would Want To Know About Bass Fishing

Everything You Would Want To Know About Bass Fishing

There are so many different types of fishing that it can boggle the mind of a beginner fisher. Determining the type of fishing that you prefer is one of the main challenges for a young angler. You will find that this process can end up taking a good deal of money and quite a bit of patience.

While money is not entirely necessary to determine the ideal type of fishing for your skills and desires, you will find that patience is. Certain kinds of fishing are harder than others, but those tend to have a greater reward for your efforts. This reward is most often a personal milestone or accomplishment, but sometimes these rewards can be a little more tangible.

If you are trying to find a type of fishing that works for you, one of your best options is to go online and see some videos and read some information about that particular fishing type. People in the past did not have access to the wealth of knowledge that we do, so you would be better off making use of it.

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Instead of wasting your time and money trying out every different type of fishing (some of which require entirely different tackle than others), you can just see if it is something you would enjoy. If something sparks your interest, you can choose to try it for yourself and see if it is worth the investment.

We are going to take a look at one of the more specialized types of fishing today. That fishing discipline is bass fishing. There are a lot of opinions floating around when it comes to bass fishing, and it tends to be one of the more polarizing types of fishing.

Some fishers love bass fishing and won’t take part in any other type, while some instead despise bass fishing. As you may have guessed from the fact that we’re writing this article, we have a bit of a soft spot for bass fishing.

Keep A Close Eye On The Season And The Weather

Bass are some of the most finicky fish that you will come across as a fisherman. They change their habits immensely from season to season, so it is important to pick the ideal time to fish them. Keep in mind that winter is the worst possible time to catch bass, as they will be nearly unresponsive to lures that are a decent distance away from them.

Fishing bass during the winter takes quite a significant amount of luck, so you will want to avoid it, if possible. Fall is similar to winter in that catching bass can be unreliable. You will find that they tend to congregate close to shore during the fall, but bass are also a little too finicky to be easily caught during this time.

If you want to get a reliable idea of how to catch bass, you will have to try and fish for them during the summer and springtime. Keep in mind that bass tend to spawn at around 10 to 15 feet deep and that they spawn during the spring.

During the summer, they will tend to congregate in the shallower parts of the water, so it will be easier for you to catch them from the shore. Keep in mind that timing takes practice when catching bass, and it helps immensely to have a fishing partner who is experienced in bass fishing.

Choose The Right Bait

When trying to fish for bass, you will have to ensure that you choose the ideal bait for the job. No single bait is perfect for catching bass in all situations, so you will have to optimize your tackle box for the job with a decent variety of baits.


Crankbait is usually the go-to bait when it comes time to go bass fishing because they tend to be versatile enough for several applications. If you want your lure to be more mobile and cover a larger area in a shorter span of time, you will find that a crankbait is the ideal choice.

Keep in mind that many different types of crankbait are optimized for different uses and different depths. Some crankbait varieties will be harder for you to lead through the water as they will be larger and offer a greater degree of water resistance than the smaller options.


If you are fishing for bass near the shoreline, you will want to keep your bait near underwater obstacles, since this is where bass tend to congregate earlier on in the day. Try and hide your bait within vegetation or outcrops that you can maneuver your way out of relatively quickly.

Once bass get near your hidden bait, move it out into their field of view. The fish will have a higher chance of seeing the bait using this technique. With a little bit of luck, the fish will end up biting. At this point, you will want to lift your rod a little bit as you reel them in to help with the leverage.

Fishign Summer Bass

Unlike other types of fishing, you will find that your movements while your bait is in the water are critical. You will want to mimic the movements of potential prey with your bait to ensure that you can get the attention of the bass. If you leave your bait dead in the water, it will be measurable harder to get a bite.

You will usually want to cast your line out far and then gradually pull it back towards you, taking a moment to make a few sudden movements that will mimic potential prey.


As you can see, bass fishing is a combination of timing, the right gear, and making use of the proper fishing technique. Once you get the hang of it, bass fishing becomes rather simple, but it always keeps you on your toes. This is what keeps even the most experienced bass fishers coming back.

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